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   From this Hangout page, make sure your microphone and camera are working correctly  

In case you’re not familiar with Google Hangouts yet, we’re excited to introduce them to you!... We think Google Hangouts will be really helpful to you during your wedding planning process, especially if you have a busy schedule or are planning a destination wedding...

First letís define what a Google Hangout is: Itís a free videoconferencing platform for as many as 10 people. To use it, you need three things:

  • An Internet connection (wired is best)
  • A computer (mobile, desktop or laptop) with a camera or USB-connected webcam
  • A profile page on Google Plus (G+). If you have a Gmail account, you already have a G+ profile. If you donít, itís free to create a Gmail address or start an account with your work email. You donít need to completely fill out the G+ profile before you hang out, but doing so makes it easier for people to find you and for you to find other people.From this Hangout home page, you can make sure your microphone and camera are working correctly.


We will alert YOU about a future Hangout. Unless YOU decline the invitation, everyone invited will see the event on their Google calendar. At the appointed start time, an email reminder containing a link to join is sent. People can join from there or from the original invitation, which displays a ďJoin hangoutĒ button once the event starts.

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